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10th ICSM2025 & 3rd ICQMT2025

Plenary Speakers

Name Tentative Title
Arnaud Devred “ITER: The Way to Fusion Energy”
Albert Fert “Magnetic Skyrmions and Spin-orbitronics”
Bartlomiej Andrzej Glowacki “Hydrogen Cryomagnetics”
Bernhard Holzapfel “Recent Advances in Thin Films of Iron-Based Superconductors in View of Potential Applications”
Börje Johansson “Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Phases in Cerium Metal”
William Little “A look back at the consequences of an innocent question on the possibility of synthesizing an organic superconductor”
M. Brian Maple “Materials Trends in Different Classes of Superconductors From Heavy Fermions to Iron-Pnictides”
Karl Alex Müller “Over half a century of research in Oxides”
Yuh Shiohara “Basic Materials Research Challenges for Medical Applications of HTS and R&D of 3 G Coated Conductors”
Wolfgang Wernsdorfer “Reading Quantum States of Single Spins”

Half-Plenary Speakers

Name Tentative Title
Ivan Bozovic “Atomic-Layer Engineering and Physics of Cuprate Superconductors”
Paul C. Canfield “Fe-based Superconductors: What we hope we’ve learned and where we hope we are going”
Wai-Kwong Kwok “Vortices in High Performance High Tc Superconductors”
Antonio H. Castro Neto “Worldwide Graphene Research for Superconductivity, Magnetism and Applications”
Tae Won Noh “Optical investigations on novel spin phenomena in transition metal oxides”
Bilal Tanatar “Interplay of Disorder and Binding Energy for Two-Dimensional Unitary Fermi Gas”
María Vallet “Biomaterials Design: from Macro to Nano”

*List is ordered alphabetically by surname.

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