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ICSM2024 participants are invited to submit their work presented at the conference to the dedicated special collection in the Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism (Springer), in the form of research articles.

All contributions will undergo rigorous peer-review to insure that the standard of quality and novelty of the journal are met.

Further information will be provided soon for participiants willing to make submissions for the special collection to be published as a special issue for the ICSM2024 conference proceedings. Please keep updated for further guidelines of full text submissions.














“ICSM2014 – Part I”
“ICSM2014 – Part II”

“ICSM2012 – Part I”
“ICSM2012 – Part II”


“ICSM2008”(for selected papers)

“ICSM2008”(for contributed papers)