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10th ICSM2025 & 3rd ICQMT2025


Oral Presentations

Duration of the oral presentations will be :

Plenary: 45 min (40+5)
Half-plenary: 40 min (35+5)
Invited-30: 30 min* (27+3)
Invited-20*/Contributed:  20 min (18+2)

*some invited speaker could be given 20 min slot, this is merely because of the focus flow in the session with the specifics related the layout. Those with 20 min has the same privileges as an invited speaker.

Please note that these durations may be modified based on the scientific program flow.

Note: The rooms are equipped with the following audio-visual equipment:

1) Data projector
2) PC with MS PowerPoint (Office 2013 and Windows 8.1).
3) Speakers will not be allowed to use their personal computers for the presentation.
4) Speakers are requested to upload their presentations ahead of the session, preferably one day before the session.
5) While uploading your presentation, please make sure that you copy your file to the appropriate folder in the computer. For assistance, please contact to the responsible person in the hall.
6) To optimize compatibility, particularly for the inclusion of multimedia components, PowerPoint presentations are recommended to be saved using PowerPoint’s “Package for CD” facility. If your presentation contains multimedia components, you are urged to check the compatibility at least one day before your presentation. If you need any programs installed for your audio/video files please consult with the responsible person in the hall. We will do our best to accommodate your request.
7) The lecture theatre is reasonably large, and speakers should use a minimum 15-point font size in PowerPoint slides to ensure legibility. Presenters are asked to prepare their talks to match the allocated times which will be rigidly enforced by session chairs.

Poster Presentations

Poster hanging time: lunch time
Poster pickup time: dinner time
Poster size: Width (90cm)
Height (100cm)
Poster areas: To be announced for on-site presenters/for online presenters (read below!).

1) Please hang your posters to boards indicating your poster (abstract) IDs
2) Posters not picked up on time will be taken away by the venue staff.
3) Please note that poster size should not exceed the dimensions mentioned above.

ICSM2024 and ICQMT2024 Poster Halls will be announced below.

Important Items to pay attention to those online- and onsite participants!

  • The information required for participation in the event and the participation link will be sent before the event.
  • Those who will attend the event with Zoom must call the address we have provided.
  • During the event, all kinds of presentations and document sharing belong to the presenter. Our support team only provides services for technical matters.
  • Before the event, the detailed information on how the presenters, who will make presentations (oral/or poster) , are to be provided to all participating in the event. Separate training cannot be given to each speaker/panellist. The training and technical information meeting about the presentation and the event is given at least one day before the presentation. Technical training is not given on the day of the event.
  • Sessions cannot be started before the specified time during the event. Such requests should be submitted at well in advance, and approval should be obtained from our support team.
  • In case the participants are unable to enter the event, personalized remote support is not provided.
  • All requests before the event should be conveyed at the rehearsal meeting to be held and sent via e-mail.
  • Our support team cannot be held responsible for requests for the event that have not been submitted to our support team before.

Advice to participants;

  • Before attending the event, make sure that your internet infrastructure is working correctly.
  • Being in a well-lit environment will increase the image quality.
  • If possible, use headphones, if the headphones are not available, keeping the microphone off when not speaking will improve sound quality.
  • Please go through the Best Practices for online video-presenting as in the following.

Best Practices for “ON-LINE” Participants/Both Oral and Poster Presenters!

  1. Camera
  • Look into your camera whenever possible – not at your display screen(s)!
  • The camera is your audience – look into the camera as you are connected in a live audience!
  • Position your display screen directly below the camera in advance for the most natural transition between looking into the camera and referring to your talking points!
  • Two display monitors are required if you plan to use presenter view slide notes. Alternatively, a printed hard copy of your slide notes may be used for reference for a single monitor!
  1. Audio
  • Your microphone should be placed as close to your face as possible!
  • If available, use earphones with a built-in microphone to improve speech intelligibility!
  • Mute all other devices!
  • Find a private space to limit background noise as much as possible!
  1. Backdrop/Background
  • Choose a location where you can control lighting, ambient sounds and limit possible interruptions!
  • Ask others to avoid walking through your space when you are presenting!
  • Clean, neutral backgrounds are best!
  • Avoid dark rooms, low ceilings, and bright lights or windows!
  1. Internet Connectivity
  • Test your internet connectivity and speed using a website such as, make sure a minimum of 7 Mbit of upload speed!
  • Check your internet speed multiple times during the same day of the week, and the time of your session is scheduled to confirm consistent performance!
  • Limit internet usage from others in your location while you are presenting!
  • Close all other programs and applications on your computer that could interrupt your presentation!
  • Wired internet connection is preferred whenever possible!
  1. Highlighting Slide Contents
  • Should you wish to highlight an item on a slide, use your cursor to do so – it is recommended that you increase cursor size in your computer settings menu to make the cursor more visibly prominent!
  • Slow and methodical cursor movement supported by your speech is most effective!
  1. Practice
  • Practising your presentation in the setting, you will utilize for your presentation time interval builds comfortability and confidence!
  • Make a rehearsal with a friend or colleague – Start a Zoom call, invite a friend or colleague, share your screen and give your talk… And await for the feed-back and adjust your settings accordingly well in advance before your presentation!…
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