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This is the ninth edition of the international series of foremost and unique conferences. ICSM2024-ICQMT2024 will be an interdisciplinary forum for fruitful exchange of knowledge on the latest experimental results and theoretical advances in superconductivity. Magnetism, innovative advanced materials, quantum science and technologies, their applications incorporating related technologies.

The scientific program will be designed in order to:

i)  Bring together world recognized experts whose diverse expertise should stimulate discussions and push cutting edge research and collaborations.

ii) Explore some of the big challenges and convergences raised by “unconventional” superconductors, magnetic materials and quantum materials. The selected specific topics are those whose emergence and rapid development thought to be most relevant in making definite progress and open new directions.

Moreover, organizing team will make every effort so that all important issues will be addressed clearly during the unhampered discussions which will be the hallmarks of icsm2024-icqmt2024. High critical temperature superconductivity in cuprates raises the crucial point of the role of doping in addressing any mechanism. Whether lightly doped cuprates are inherently different from heavily doped, cuprates -presumably more conventional- requires scrutinizing the phase diagram and the nature of the pseudogap phase. The interplay between superconductivity, magnetism, and quantum critically -most effectively studied in heavy fermions, and in rapid evolution in this field- may be central in both theoretical and experimental approaches. The interplay of magnetism in Fe based pnictides, their fundamental complex diagram and their potential applications will also be debated in addition to hot topics of topological superconductors, triplet superconductivity and fundamentals in insulator-superconductor transitions. We also consider focused sessions on MgB2, multi-band nature, their mechanisms, materials properties and applications. All these phenomena may be thought of as pertaining to the concept of emergence of new states of matter out of complex interactions.

The search for new innovative functional materials is a hallmark of the field. Superconductivity and magnetism at the nanoscale (e.g. carbon nanotubes, graphene and nanodevices), magnetic nanoparticles and nano structures will also be addressed, as a key for new developments. We also have sessions for spintronics, spin caloritronics, multilayers, device physics, spin valves and giant magnetoresistive devices, hard discs for personal computers and relevant wide range of hot topics in magnetism, magnetic materials and their applications.

The program will consist of plenary, half plenary, invited and contributed  papers falling broadly within the scope of the conference.  Some of the invited papers may be tutorial in nature from keynote speakers, while others will review recent work in specialized fields. Nominations for invited speakers will be accepted until 15 December 2023 through conference website only ( Deadline is only for guidance note that invited talk slots quickly become filled. Therefore, we strongly encourage to those who are interested in making submissions of nominations as early as possible. Additionally, The Program Committee may upgrade a few of contributed abstracts to invited status depending on availability.

We will strongly encourage speakers to emphasize the presentation of new and unpublished work not being under review in the some other journals. We will ensure that discussions enlighten the outcome and the unsolved questions, and explore new directions.  We also strongly encourage those from groups underrepresented in science to apply (some funding has been earmarked for young members of these groups).

The conference platform involving educational courses prior to icsm2024-icqmt2024 will be a unique opportunity for young scientists to gain information, training and experience in their skilled field from the world class best established scientists and experts. We are confident that with such an experience before the conference, they will be able to follow the high level presentations at the conference and benefit more for their careers.

We are very fortunate to have secured Liberty Lykia Hotel, Fethiye-Oludeniz, with a world class “Convention Center” with a contract special to our participants as a conference venue.

The previous six conferences of this series of events were held in Antalya 2008 and 2010, 2014, 2018 while third one was a host to Istanbul in 2012, the fifth and the eight ones were hold in Fethiye and the seventh on were hold in Bodrum.  In total, numerous high level scientists and more than 5000 international delegates from 80 countries participated in these conferences!  All participants consider the conferences with glowing reviews and growing with outstanding successes by all accounts. This eighth conference promises to be a much larger event with wider participation in the form of invited, oral and poster presentations together with an associated commercial exhibition.

During the conference participants will have the opportunity to both network and interact and collaborate with leaders and decision makers in related topics  in addition to the bonus discovery of Fethiye-Oludeniz being the home land for many different civilizations. Traditional hospitality will certainly envelop all the participants throuhout their pleasant experience of stay in Fethiye-Oludeniz.

We look forward to welcoming you in Fethiye-Oludeniz in the spring-the most pleasant season.

With Kindest regards,

Organizing Committee