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This is a form to be filled for The Individual Invited Speaker Proposals; Recent advances in either experimental or theoretical work is a must, it shall be recognized and quoted in the international scientific community via the relevant IAB member(s).

The program committee with session builders/organizers are due to make decision with final selection among the all proposals from the International Advisory Board (IAB) members, note that individual proposals may be subject to the availability in the relevant sessions with pending approval.

Soon after submissions received, the relevant IAB member and/or session organizers will then overview the proposal for final evaluation.

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    Superconductivity: Materials, Synthesis and Characterization

    Magnetism: Materials, Synthesis and Characterization

    Interplay of Superconductivity and Magnetism

    Large Scale and Energy Applications

    Electronic Applications

    Theory, Mechanisms and Fundamentals

    Cryogenics, Materials and Engineering

    Other Aspects of Superconductors and Magnetic Materials

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