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Cancellation Policy Due to The Pandemic COVID-19

(For delegates registered before 26 February 2021)

As we can all imagine that, due to the pandemic COVID-19,  many conferences due in April 2020 have been postponed to  2021, while some conferences became online, and considering the magnitude of the icsm2023 conference, it took time to determine the correct date range for the entire organizational operation. Our organizing committee has decided to postpone the icsm2023 conference to be held on the renewed dates of 20-27 October 2021 together with ASEC2021 between 20-22 October 2021.

Upon this postponement, all participant statuses and abstract acceptances, etc. will remain valid unless it is canceled in the original scientific program until 16 April 2021. The registration and hotel fees of the participants will be refunded as below:

  • The deadline for the cancellation is 16 April 2021 and all cancellations must be made in writing – no telephone call will be accepted.
  • Hotel fees will be entitled to a full refund of the amount paid (net of bank charges) and registration fees will be entitled to up to a 75% refund of the amount paid (net of bank charges).
  • The participant who has made a request for a refund accepted that the costs of all banks and intermediary institutions would be covered by the amount.
  • It is planned to put in a process refund payment at the end of November. We hope you consider that it takes time as some workers of banks in Turkey similar to most of the world are working online away from the office.

The 25% reduction in the registration fee refund is to help absorb some of the costs of conference organizational expenses, and taxes already paid. The postponement of icsm2023 to October 2021 for a higher impact is believed and expected to bring better conditions for a well-attended conference. We do hope that all over the world we will beat this contagious together and please stay safe.

We look forward to welcoming you all in Milas-Bodrum in the most pleasant spring.

Yours faithfully,

icsm2023 Organizing Committee